The Last of us


While graphical history and textures of the found items create dialogue and play between the fluidity and opacity of paint, color dominates. Beyond chance, Gove’s paintings demonstrate structural rigor and a concern for formal composition.
Gove gives the viewer a “glimpse” at a recognizable fragment or common history so that he or she may be reminded of personal memories. The artist’s urge to uncover and decipher an underlying and unifying story is powerful. Gove holds the viewer in check with her handling of shape and paint, making her works register equally as beautiful and awesome.

Rosemary Noon | Curator Regis College | 2016

The look of the work matches the titles as sweeping brush strokes, bold colors, and saturated clouds of bleeding and dripping paint push into areas of calm. Initially high-speed, the experience is significantly slowed by the presence of collaged letters, torn graphics, and all manner of painted-over paper. It does all the things that good abstract expressionist paintings do and then some.

Jose Luciano | Reno News & Review | 2015


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